When Leo's girlfriend goes missing on a Thai island, a world of lies, deception 
and murder await. 

How far would you go to find someone you loved?

What if they didn't want to be found?

Thanks so much for taking in interest in my first novel. It's currently in the first draft stage, I'm hoping to get it edited and finished by the end of 2018. I'd love to give you a copy, put your address in below and I'll send it over when it's done. 

I know it's annoying to get lots of e-mail so I promise not to give your address to anyone else or overuse it. I may send you some news about the book as it's being finished - for example, ask your opinions on the cover or blurb. You are of course free to ignore me, send me nonsense e-mails in reply, or just unsubscribe.

Thank you again, 


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